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The No-No Food List


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Eating certain foods can damage your brackets and wires. Broken brackets and bent wires slow down progress and cause delays in your treatment.


Basically, nothing HARD, STICKY, or CHEWY!


Avoid the following foods while in braces ... 

- PIZZA CRUST, HARD BAGELS, PRETZELS ... these can bend wires

- ICE ... chewing on ice will break your brackets and bend wires


- APPLES, CARROTS ... cut up into small pieces and chew with your back teeth; do not bite into them

- CORN ON THE COB, RIBS, MEAT ON BONE ... take the meat off the bone before eating

- HARD CANDY, LOLLIPOPS, JOLLY RANCHERS ... will break your brackets for sure!

- POPCORN ... stay away from popcorn kernels!


- TOFFEE, CARAMEL, TAFFY ... will stick to your brackets, pull out your wires, and cause cavities

- CHEWING GUM ... even sugarless gum isn't allowed

- PENS AND PENCILS ... chewing on pens, pencils, and pen caps will break your brackets


Brush your teeth after every meal, including snacks.

Good oral hygiene is important to avoid cavities and white spots, and will ensure a beautiful and healthy final result.